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A revolutionary new system that turns your heart rate data into a single, personal score, showing how much activity you need to stay healthy.

Mio SLICE is the first heart rate activity tracker to feature PAI: a personal score for staying healthy.

Featured In The Media

Mio Takes a Big SLICE Out of CES

Mio attended CES 2017 equipped with the release of SLICE™, the first activity tracker to feature PAI™, and now the reviews are starting to roll in!. Read More

6 Quick Tips to Help You Earn More PAI

Do you want to earn more PAI in less time? Make these small changes to your workouts and your daily activities to keep your PAI score above 100. Read More

PAI is Backed By Science

You’ve probably heard of the daily recommended 10,000 steps. And you might have also heard that 30 minutes of exercise a day is enough to keep you healthy. But are any of these measurements backed by science? Read More