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A quick guide to avoiding injury when you start a new exercise or training program. Alright, are you all ready for some real talk? Here it is: no one wakes up with the ability to run a half marathon. No one rolls out of bed able to bench-press their body weight for ten reps. No […]

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One thing that every athlete shares is their battle with motivation. We all battle physically when we pursue our goals, but we also endure mental warfare. “Falling off the Wagon” happens to elite, professional and recreational athletes alike no matter the size of their accomplishment list. Life can be extremely stressful with work, kids, having […]

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If I were to ask, what is the most important outcome you would hope to achieve from your running workouts? I’d probably get a mix bag of responses. Surprisingly, the most common response I get from clients is “I want to be able to run when I am 70,” or “I want to be able […]

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