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turkey2The holidays are notable time to back off from structured training and forgo working out. Maintaining and not gaining weight over the holidays can be tricky. The fire that once stoked the metabolic flame making you a lean, mean, calorie-burning machine, dims and the body shifts to energy storage.
While it’s natural for the body to swing in winter hibernation mode, we also don’t have to be like a squirrel storing all of its nuts during holiday festivities. And you certainly shouldn’t go “starving in the dessert” either, to coin a phrase used by Registered Dietitian, Jae Berman, just to avoid the pleasures of holiday feasts.
Be the strategist, not the survivor with these strategies to prevent weight gain this Thaksgviking.
Strategy #1
Plan your wardrobe in advance. Wear an outfit that fits comfortably and that isn’t too loose (you should still fit into it after dinner). Avoid wearing anything that is too tight, as well. Let ...

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nutrition2Let’s face it – injury happens and in the worst form: stress fractures, broken collarbones, muscle strains, ligament sprains, and even skin wounds, leaving the athlete sidelined for days to weeks, or even months. Left behind are the hopes and aspirations for a fruitful season.
The number one goal for any professional or amateur athlete when rehabbing an injury is optimizing the healing process for a speedy “return to play”. Caring for an injury typically involves two processes: immobilization and rehabilitation. This is where nutrition plays an integral role in the healing process. 
The first defensive strategy is Immobilizing the injured or inflamed site (i.e., foot in a boot or arm in a sling) and to reducing the risk of infection to open wounds (i.e., refraining from swimming in open water or in the pool). Depending on the severity of the injury, an athlete’s ability to train is compromised. The reduction of ...

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boost-endurance2As a runner, one of the most difficult challenges we face during a race is our ability to maintain a steady pace from start to finish. We can usually start out strong but will often fade in the final miles. I have seen a handful of motivation posters over the years that all infer a similar message — the race is won by the runner who slows down the least. The key to unlocking race success can be summarized in three main concepts: 1) building the effort during long workouts, 2) proper pacing, and 3) creating mental toughness. Let’s take a closer look at each of these and how we can incorporate them into specific workouts to help us build run endurance and avoid fading in our next big race.
Build the Intensity of Your Long Run
Intensity can be measured by pace ...

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